Greece Struggles to Put Out 4 Major Wildfires

Ground forces in Greece continued to battle the fire in Dadia as they focus on containing it at its southwestern front.

Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Christos Stylianides said on Monday that their focus has shifted to the southwest front following a reassessment of the situation together with Vasilios Papageorgiou, general secretary for civil protection, and senior Fire Brigade staff. 

Flames from the wildfire that hit Dadia had rekindled making it a “difficult night” for the fire responders. 

“A great effort was made by everyone. With proper coordination, precautionary, organized evacuations of the citizens were carried out, mainly of people in vulnerable groups with respiratory problems. Their transfer was carried out very well and the residents are already in hotels.”
Stylianides said.

On Monday, firefighters on the ground and in the air continued to fight the blaze in the Dadia national park for a fifth day despite the fire’s continuous direction changes.

The fire-fighting crews had a nightmare night, according to Gianna Diagakis, head of the Soufli Forestry Department.

A fire also started on Saturday in the area of Rogada and northwest of the hamlet of Vrisa. 

Panagiotis Koufalos, regional deputy governor for public protection, said on Monday that the fire rekindled due to winds of up to 7 on the Beaufort scale. 

In Makrisia, part of the Andritsaina-Krestena municipality in Ilia, a forest was burning as a result of a wildfire that began on Sunday afternoon for as-yet-unknown reasons.

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection at the climate crisis and civil protection ministry has released a Fire Risk Forecast Map that indicated a very high (category 4) fire risk for the Attica and Central Greece regions on Monday.

The ministry has urged people to exercise extreme caution and abstain from any outside activities that could unintentionally start a fire, such as burning vegetation, operating spark-producing machinery, using grills, or tossing lighted cigarettes. 

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