FBI Investigation Deems Huawei Telecom Equipment Could Disrupt US Nukes

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has discovered that Huawei equipment installed on cell towers in the Midwest is capable of interfering with Department of Defense communications, including those from the agency in charge of managing American nuclear weapons.

The FBI probe, which quoted both former and current officials in a report by CNN, found that Huawei’s technology, which is installed on top of cell towers near military sites in the Midwest of the United States (US), has the potential to obstruct communications coming from the US Strategic Direction.

A former FBI official said the technology would impact their ability to essentially command and control the nuclear triad.

The unnamed sources said it can be challenging to prove that a specific piece of data was intercepted and delivered to another nation, therefore it was unclear whether China obtained information using its own equipment.

The Chinese government has reportedly rejected attempts to spy on the US.

Additionally, Huawei has denied that its products can function in the communications frequency allotted to the Department of Defense.

The FBI has been looking into Huawei’s equipment since the Obama administration.

The Information Consumption Alliance’s director-general, Xiang Ligang, criticized the purported FBI result as an “ignorant assumption”

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