Dutch Authorities Probe Policeman for Shooting at Teenager During Farmer’s Protest

The Dutch public prosecutor’s office has initiated an investigation on a police officer who fired on a 16-year-old boy during a farmers’ protest near Heerenveen.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) said initial investigations showed that the police officer aimed at a moving tractor, which the teenager was driving. 

OM noted that on July 5, the police officer used his firearm without sufficient reason, which led the prosecution to investigate attempted manslaughter.

Reports said the teenager was not harmed. 

OM said the police wrongly aimed at the teenager, thinking that he was trying to hit the other officers at the scene. 

“There was no immediate danger to the life of the officer or that of others at that time,” OM said.

The National Criminal Investigation Department has also investigated two other police for using firearms.

OM said the investigations would identify whether the police officers used force according to the rules in the official instructions.

Farmers in the Netherlands have protested against the Dutch government’s plan to cut pollutant emissions like nitrogen oxide and ammonia.

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