Chinese Court Executes Man Who Set Fire on Ex-Wife During Livestream

A Chinese court executed a man on Saturday who killed his wife and set her on fire during a live stream.

The Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture Intermediate People’s Court executed Tang Lu in the southwestern Sichuan province, ending a case that sparked horror and outrage throughout China.

Tang set his ex-wife on fire in September 2020 while she was live-streaming on Douyin, a short video platform, and died from her injuries two weeks later.

Lhamo, Tang’s ex-wife, was a farmer and live streamer in the Tibetan autonomous prefecture.

Tang had a history of physical abuse toward Lhamo, and the couple divorced in June 2020.

Tang sought her out and asked to remarry, but Lhamo turned him away.

In October 2021, Tang was found guilty of homicide and sentenced to death.

Tang’s case received widespread coverage in national and international media, sparking discussion about the abuse and mistreatment of women in China and how the legal system repeatedly fails to protect victims while easily pardoning perpetrators.

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