A Journalist Dies Every Four Days in Russo-Ukraine War

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) reported that the Russian military has killed 37 media workers since the beginning of the invasion, or one every four days.

“Among the dead are eight journalists who performed their professional duties, 12 media workers perished as civilian victims, another 17 mass media representatives were killed in action after being mobilized to become part of Ukraine’s Defense Forces,” said NUJU.

Mykola Rachok, the author of materials and news editor of the “InfoCar” publication is the most recent journalist to die in combat.

Rachok’s editor Pavlo Kashchuk said that despite lacking military experience, he still chose to defend his country.

“During these 5 months, patriotism, motivation and strength of spirit made Kolya a warrior. And for his efforts, fate gave him the death that a true fighter dreams of,” said Kaschuk.

Rachok reportedly died fighting against Wagner mercenaries on an undisclosed front.

“Ukrainian journalists are primarily Ukrainian nationals. Therefore, seeking to protect their Homeland, many media workers left their pens and notebooks behind and took up arms. The NUJU expresses great respect to such colleagues of ours,” said Serhiy Tomilenko, the NUJU chair.

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