5-Year-Old Boy Rescued After Nearly Drowning at NYC Public Pool

A “good Samaritan” and lifeguards rescued a child who nearly drowned at a public pool in Brooklyn on Sunday.

Anthony Torres, 36, saw the 5-year-old boy slumped in the pool at McCarren Park in Brooklyn, New York, at around 7:10 PM and called for help before lifeguards on duty responded to the incident.

“I was swimming with my sister in the pool, and I saw the little boy slumped over in the water, and I yelled for someone to come over,” Torres said.

Torres said no one was attempting to rescue the child who “was submerged and slumped over, face down”, and the McCarren Park Department’s lifeguards were not acting quickly enough, so he saved the boy himself.

Torres, from Long Island, was also a lifeguard for two years.

“I had him on my forearms. He was discharging water and vomit. I got to the edge of the [pool] deck, and I put him on the deck,” Torres said.

Torres said he turned the boy over so he could spit up pool water, and two lifeguards came over to perform CPR.

“He was breathing, his eyes were open, but he was non-responsive. I tried to pick his hands up, but he was lifeless,” Torres said.

Lifeguards resuscitated the child after performing CPR on him for about three minutes.

Emergency medical services rushed the child, who was then conscious and alert, to Woodhull Hospital.

The McCarren Park Department and the NYPD closed the pool to investigate the incident after the near-drowning.

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