Chess Robot Breaks Seven-Year-Old Opponent Finger

A chess robot broke a seven-year-old boy’s finger during a match at the Moscow Open last week.

A video of the July 19 match on social media showed the robotic arm moving the boy’s chess piece. The boy then made his own move and the robot pinched his finger.

A woman followed by three men rushed in to help the boy, who was eventually freed and ushered away.

“The robot broke the child’s finger. This, of course, is bad,” Moscow Chess Federation President Sergey Lazarev told Russian state news agency TASS.

“The child made a move, and after that, we need to give time for the robot to answer, but the boy hurried, [and] the robot grabbed him. We have nothing to do with the robot,” Lazarev further said.

Lazarev said the robot had played in previous matches without any incident.

It was not clear whether any safety instructions were issued to the boy before playing against the robot.

The boy’s parents intend to contact the public prosecutor’s office, Lazarev said, adding that the chess federation will try to help the family “in any way we can.”

“And the robot operators, apparently, will have to think about strengthening protection so that this situation does not happen again,” Lazarev also said.

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