EU Heatwave Reaches Poland

The ferocious heatwave affecting Europe reached Poland on Thursday, forcing the country to issue heatwave alerts.

As of July 22, authorities in Poland have issued red warnings in Greater Poland and Silesian Voivodeship and orange warnings throughout the rest of Poland through at least July 23.

Polish authorities recorded temperatures as high as 36.7 degrees Celsius in the western town of Kornik on Thursday and will issue further warnings in the coming days, expecting a severe temperature increase.

Many residents and tourists headed to local beaches to cool down in the northern port city of Gdansk.

“I don’t remember that we had such scorching weather before, but I think that climate is getting hotter and hotter now,” said Maria, a Polish tourist.

Polish authorities recorded its highest temperature in June this year, reaching up to 38.3 degrees Celsius in the western town of Slubice.

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