Two Arrested Over $1.6M Wine Heist at Spanish Hotel

Spanish police arrested two professional thieves on Tuesday for stealing more than $1.6 million worth of wine from a hotel’s restaurant in western Spain.

The two professional thieves were a man and a woman who escaped authorities for about nine months before being arrested on Tuesday on the Montenegro-Croatia border. 

The unnamed professional thieves stole 45 bottles of wine from the Atrio restaurant in Cáceres, western Spain in a heist on October 27, 2021, which they planned in “minute detail”.

Spanish police said that the thieves visited the Atrio restaurant three times to prepare for the heist and “showed a high level of professionalism, specialization, and perfect planning”.

The female thief booked into the Atrio hotel using a forged Swiss document and had dinner in the Atrio restaurant with her male accomplice.

The Atrio restaurant staff gave the thieves a tour of the wine cellar, which is a common occurrence, before going to their hotel room together.

The male accomplice left a few moments later, went to the cellar with a stolen master key, and left with three large rucksacks packed with stolen wine stuffed with hotel towels to cushion the bottles.

While he was stealing the wine, the woman diverted the staff’s attention and asked for some food to be prepared, despite the restaurant’s kitchen being closed at that time.

The Atrio restaurant staff noticed the missing bottles the next morning, but the suspects had already left the premises at around 5 AM.

The thieves left Spain a few days after the heist and moved around different European countries, making it difficult for agents to track them down.

Spanish police said that the total value of the stolen wine was €1,648,500 (approximately $1.68 million), with one individual bottle valued at €310,000.

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