Two American Tourists Injured in Crocodile Attack in Mexico

At least two American tourists were injured in a crocodile attack on Monday while swimming at an upscale Mexican resort.

Jalisco state emergency officials said Daniel Kuzbiel, one of the American tourists, was swimming in the ocean at night when the crocodile attacked and Joshua Rotkvich, the other tourist, went into the water to help.

The first American tourist was bitten on his legs, arm, abdomen, and chest, while the second had suffered a hand wound.

Kuzbiel also suffered a head wound and lost two of his teeth during the crocodile attack.

Medical responders were sent to the American tourists at the hospital, who are both from Colorado.

Lois Doll, Kuzbiel’s mother-in-law, said that both Kuzbiel and Rotkvich were still hospitalized and scheduled for surgery on Thursday.

“Daniel was in the water, and Josh was on the beach. The crocodile attacked Daniel, pulling his foot, crushing his foot, trying to pull him under,” Doll said.

Several people helped Rotkvich rescue Kuzbiel from being dragged further into the ocean.

“Josh came running and starting punching him and kicking him,” Doll said. 

Doll praised the Velas Vallarta management for the attention they have provided and said they are authorized to stay for as long as it takes for Kuzbiel and Rotkuch to recover.

“I have to say the management here has been wonderful. They’ve come to the hospital. They’ve been very supportive.The hotel management is being very, very helpful in letting us stay here as long as necessary,” Doll said.

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