Saudi Man To Face Court For Allegedly Facilitating Entry of Non-Muslim To Makkah

Saudi Arabia on Friday said it was referring the case of a citizen to the public prosecution for his alleged role in facilitating the entry of a non-Muslim journalist to the holy city of Makkah (Mecca).

“The man was accused of transporting an American journalist to Makkah through a dedicated path for Muslims,” Saudi Press Agency reported, citing police officials in Makkah.

Without mentioning his name, the official said the man was arrested for violating the regulations that prohibit non-Muslims’ entry to the holy sites.

The case of the American journalist involved in the crime was also referred to the court. “Any violation of this kind is nothing but an open crime and intolerable. The perpetrators must face justice,” the official added.

Gil Tamary, who works for Israel’s Channel 13 and went to Jeddah to cover US President Joe Biden’s visit, has suddenly published a video of himself sneaking into the city of Mecca, the holiest city where it is strongly forbidden for non-Muslims.

In his roughly 10-minute clip, Tamary was seen visiting Mount Arafat, where Muslim pilgrims gather to pray during Haj pilgrimage each year.

“I am the first Israeli journalist on the spot to broadcast these images and in Hebrew,” Tamary said.

The Saudi official stressed that this is a clear violation and deemed a crime and no leniency will be shown to offenders.

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