Puerto Ricans Protest Skyrocketing Electricity Bills and Worsening Blackouts

Hundreds of protesters in Puerto Rico gathered on July 20 to demand that the government cancel its contract with Luma Energy company over high increases in electricity bills and worsening blackouts.

Puerto Ricans took to the streets of San Juan, saying that Luma steadily increased power rates despite chronic power outages, one of which lasted several days in April, leaving a third of the island in darkness.

The protest took place a day after Governor Pedro Pierluisi vetoed a bill that proposed cutting Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s debt by 75% and setting a maximum rate of US$2 cents per kilowatt hour, Telesur reported.

Lawmakers are considering going over the veto, Rafael Hernandez, a member of the Popular Democratic Party and President of the House of Representatives, said.

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