National Association of Italian Ministries Report Lack of Rights for Migrant Workers

The National Association of Italian Ministries (ANCI) reported that at least 10,000 migrant agricultural workers had lived in informal settlements, deprived of rights.

In its news release on Tuesday, ANCI said that migrant workers in the “places of deprivation of rights and exploitation” had not received essential services for years.

The report noted that 150 informal or unauthorized settlements were found in 38 Italian municipalities. The agricultural migrant workers reportedly lived in various accommodations, including farmhouses and occupied buildings, shacks, tents, and caravans.

ANCI said that the report was aimed at overcoming illegal settlements in the country.

“This report is not a simple mapping of how migrants live and work in our fields, but it returns in a broader way the way in which in our territories, today, we recognize or deny dignity to those lives and that work,” the report noted.

ANCI conducted a nationwide survey, gathering information on the presence, flows, characteristics, and accommodation of migrant agricultural workers in Italian municipalities.

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