Italian Parliament Dissolved, Earlier Elections Expected

Italian President Sergio Mattarella dissolved the Parliament on Thursday, just a few hours after Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigned amid a split in his ruling coalition.

Draghi, the former chief of the European Central Bank, tendered his resignation in a meeting with Mattarella on Thursday after the broad national coalition government he formed in 2021 fell apart.

According to reports, the dissolution of the parliament triggered a snap poll, which could take place in September or October before the 70-day deadline expires. 

Earlier on Wednesday, Draghi attempted to save his government, urging the shattered coalition to put aside their grievances for the sake of the country.

However, three parties snubbed the confidence vote — Forza Italia, the anti-immigrant League, and the Five Star Movement, and said “it was no longer possible for them to work together.”

On Thursday, Draghi received warm applause from lawmakers as he made a brief appearance in the lower house of parliament. 

“Even central bankers have their hearts touched sometimes,” Draghi commented.

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