Israeli Man Drowns After Sinkhole Opens Under Swimming Pool Near Tel Aviv

One man was killed, and another injured when a sinkhole opened under a swimming pool, sucking him to his death during a house party.

The incident happened during a private company party being hosted at a villa in the central Israeli town of Karmi Yosef, 25 miles (40km) south-east of Tel Aviv.

The victim, identified as Klil Kimh, 32, was an employee of the company.

The victim was sucked into a hole 43 feet (13 meters) deep. It took rescuer four hours to recover his body.

The property owners, a couple in their 60s, were arrested on suspicion of negligent manslaughter.

Local media indicated the property owners built the pool without planning permission, on a site with known infrastructure problems.

Video of incident shows party-goers in swimming suits in and around the emptying pool in stunned shock as water drained into a large chasm, taking with it the victim and pool toys.

A second man was also sucked into the hole, but was able to climb out, suffering minor injuries.

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