Syrian Journalists Call for The Release of Veteran Correspondent Muhammad Sageer

Syrian journalists on Thursday staged a vigil outside Justice Palace in Al-Hasakah province, calling for the release of veteran journalist Mohammed Al-Sagheer who is on hunger strike in protest of his detention.

Al-Sagheer, Syria’s press channel’s correspondent, has been held in captivity by Al-Asayish Forces since June 2019.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that the vigil came after reports of Al-Sagheer’s deteriorating health inside the prison.

SOHR said that Al-Sagheer was detained despite having a security card issued by the State Security Service.

Meanwhile, colleagues and friends of Al-Sagheer expressed concern over his safety, while his family claimed he has suffered a number of strokes inside the jail.

Al-Sagheer’s family also alleged that he has been tortured in the custody and not allowed to visit doctors.

The International Federation of Journalists had previously called on the Syrian Defense Forces to stop intimidating journalists working in areas operating under its control.

It is unclear what Al-Sagheer has been charged with and when he will be brought to trial.

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