Spain Rejects EU’s Proposal to Reduce Gas Consumption

Spain has rejected the proposal of the European Commission to reduce gas consumption by 15 percent to address the risks of Russian supply cuts.

Vice President and Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera said the Spanish government would not allow its people to suffer from gas or electricity cuts.

“Whatever happens, Spanish families will not have their gas or electricity cut. Whatever happens, Spain will defend the position of Spanish industry,” Ribera said.

According to Ribera, the EU commission had not consulted with Spain about the proposed energy plan. Ribera said that the EU member states should engage in an “honest debate” instead of accepting imposed solutions that “do not seem fair or effective” to the EU countries.

The commission announced Wednesday that it had proposed an energy plan to demand gas reduction in the EU states if there is a gas shortage or high gas demand. The commission said it would impose a gas reduction after consulting with its member states.

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