Indonesian Court Vetoes Legalization of Medical Marijuana

The Indonesian Constitutional Court vetoed the legalization of medical marijuana on Wednesday, ruling that the existing narcotics law is constitutional.

The Indonesian Constitutional Court rejected the petition to review the existing narcotics law to allow the medical use of marijuana.

Members of the civil society advocating for the medical use of marijuana filed a petition in 2020 to review Indonesia’s narcotics law. The petitioners asked the court to annul Article 8, paragraph 1 of the narcotics law, stating that the drug could not be used for health services.

According to the Indonesian Constitutional Court, the petitioners’ claim that marijuana could treat certain diseases has no valid scientific basis.

Amid its decision, the Indonesian Constitutional Court has urged the government to conduct scientific research on the use of marijuana in the medical field.

“A very comprehensive and in-depth policy is necessary by going through important stages that must begin with scientific research and assessment,” the court said.

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