China Calls for Ukraine-Russia Ceasefire

China’s ambassador to the United States (US), Qin Gang, China wants a “quick truce” in Ukraine and the commencement of negotiations with all parties involved in the conflict, as well as the US and NATO.

Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, Qin claimed that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine was “spilling over” and resulting in “many crises,” including a financial crisis, a surge in refugees, and a scarcity of food and energy.

“So what China is calling for is immediate ceasefire, resumption of peace talks. All parties involved should be engaged, including between Russia and US and its NATO allies,” Qin added.

In order to resolve the conflict, Qin asked the parties to “sit down, cool down, and find a manner that accommodates each other’s valid concerns.”

“Only by doing so can we achieve peace and can we restore the security in Europe which should be stable, should be comprehensive, should be balanced, effective and sustainable,” the Chinese ambassador added, noting that this view was shared by other improving nations.

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