Two-time Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu Retires at 27

Two-time Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu announced his retirement on Tuesday at the age of 27.

During a press conference in Tokyo, Hanyu said he has “stopped wanting to be evaluated”.

“I’ll no longer be able to be compared with other competitors. But, I’ll keep fighting my weaknesses and my past self. In terms of results, I’ve achieved everything I could achieve. I stopped wanting to be evaluated,” Hanyu said.

Hanyu won the 2014 and 2018 Olympic titles, then placed fourth at his third and last Olympics in Beijing in February this year.

Hanyu attempted the first quadruple Axel in the 2022 Beijing Olympic competition but failed at the four-and-a-half-rotation jump.

Hanyu said he made his final decision while treating the right-ankle sprain he suffered before the free program in Beijing.

“After the Beijing Olympics, when I got home, I couldn’t skate because of the pain in the ankle. I thought about all kinds of things then, but I felt that I don’t need to be on this stage forever,” Hanyu said.

Hanyu said he would continue skating professionally in non-competitive shows.

“I carried on until Beijing in pursuit of the quad axel, but I feel I can do it not necessarily in competitions. I actually feel it gives a chance for more people to witness it (in person). I made the decision (to stop competing) after Beijing… I’ve thought through many things and felt I no longer need to be on the same stage, while also feeling more determined to get better and stronger,” Hanyu said.

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