Turkey, Russia and Iran Rule Out Military Solution on Syria

Turkey, Russia and Iran stressed the need for a political solution in Syria, and emphasized their unwavering commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria.

In a joint statement after the 7th Astana Peace Process summit held in Tehran, presidents of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Iran’s Ebrahim Raisi said that conflict in Syria can only be resolved within the framework of a political process under the UN guidance and with the UN assistance.

The three sides discussed the current situation on the ground in Syria, and reiterated their determination to continue working together to combat terrorism in all forms and manifestations.

“We condemn the increased presence and activities of terrorist groups and their affiliates under different names in various parts of Syria, including the attacks targeting civilian facilities, which result in loss of innocent lives,” the statement said.

The three presidents also expressed their determination to stand against “separatist” agendas aimed at undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria as well as threatening the national security of neighboring countries including through cross-border attacks and infiltrations.

They also discussed issues war in Idlib province, and expressed their serious concern over the presence and activities of terrorist groups that pose threat to civilians inside and outside the province.

Expressing concerns at the humanitarian situation, Moscow, Ankara, and Tehran rejected all “unilateral sanctions” which they deem in contravention of international law, international humanitarian law and the UN Charter including.

“We call upon the international community, particularly the UN and its humanitarian agencies and other governmental/non-governmental international institutions to increase their assistance to all Syrians without discrimination, politicization and preconditions and in a more transparent manner,” it added.

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