Miami-Dade Sends Shipment of Seized Weapons to Ukraine

The Miami City Commission announced it would launch a buyback program that would have the city purchase guns from residents and send them to Ukraine to  help them resist the Russian invasion.

“People have been wanting to know how to help Ukrainians. Now we’ll find people who want to donate their (guns) to help the cause in Ukraine,” said Commissioner Ken Russell.

The Miami Police Department has already shown firearms that were taken from the buyback program and will be given to Miami’s sister city, Irpin.

“The real need for the weapons was not the military, for fellow police officers that are putting their life on the line as they would in any other country, fighting to keep their community safe, while fighting to keep their citizens alive,” said Miami Police chief Manuel Morales.

There are already 176 from the police department that will be shipped to Ukraine.

Miami’s firearm donation to Ukraine would be the first of its kind while other cities were urged to do so as well. 

“Nearly every police department has a stock of guns they don’t know what to do with, that are slated for destruction. So hopefully this is actually a solution for departments around the country,” Russell added. 

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