Global COVID-19 Roundup

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that the global weekly number of COVID-19 cases has almost doubled.

WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in a briefing today, said deaths were also increasing, but for the moment, not as rapidly as cases. 

“However, more cases means we can expect to see more hospitalizations and deaths in the coming weeks,” Ghebreyesus added. 

Ghebreyesus urged all countries to be ready with the COVID-19 virus continuously evolving. 

“We know that for any future variant to become widespread, it must be more transmissible than previous variants. But we can’t know how deadly it will be,” the WHO Director-General said. 

Ghebreyesus also urged hospitals in all countries to “address those gaps in surveillance, immunity, workforce, supplies, and resilience.”

Ghebreyesus continued to urge health workers, older people, and people at greatest risk to get vaccinated. 

Last week, WHO reported that there had been 9,800 fatalities and 5.7 million new infections confirmed.

In the European Region, WHO Regional Director for Europe Dr. Hans Henri Kluge reported a tripling of new COVID-19 cases over the past 6 weeks, with close to 3 million new cases reported last week, accounting for nearly half of all new cases globally. 

“While hospitalization rates due to COVID-19 have doubled in the same period, intensive care unit admissions have so far remained relatively low,” Kluge said in a separate statement.  

“However, as infection rates in older groups continue to rise, Europe is still seeing close to 3000 people die of COVID-19 every week,” Kluge added. 

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