UPS Driver Collapses in Extreme Heat in Doorbell Camera Video

An Arizona homeowner shared a video of a UPS driver collapsing in front of his door to warn people to stay safe in the state’s extreme heat.

Brian Enriquez, a resident from Scottsdale, shared a Ring video showing a UPS delivery man walking slowly to the front door, then falling over in a sitting position for a while and laying down before the porch.

The driver eventually got up, rang the doorbell, and returned to his vehicle.

Enriquez was working during the incident and did not see the video until the driver had left.

“I was concerned for the fact that he was coming, stumbling to the door. Had I gotten to my phone sooner, I could have talked to him through my Ring, but he had already left the property at that point,” Enriquez said.

Enriquez called police and UPS to report what happened, believing extreme heat caused the driver to collapse as Scottsdale reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit last Thursday.

“We appreciate the concern for our employee and can report that he is fine. UPS drivers are trained to work outdoors and for the effects of hot weather. Our employee used his training to be aware of his situation and contact his manager for assistance, who immediately provided assistance,” UPS said.

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