Sudanese Protesters Demonstrate Against Recent Civil Violence

Hundreds of Sudanese protesters converged in Sudan’s capital Khartoum against the increasingly deadly tribal clashes in the south of the country. 

According to Sudanese officials and the United Nations, more than 30 people died and about a hundred were injured in tribal clashes on Sunday, which started last week between the Hausa and Fung tribes in the southeastern state bordering Ethiopia. 

On Monday, senior health authorities said the fighting in the Blue Nile state left at least 65 people dead and 163 wounded, but medical sources said the actual numbers could be more and are still counting. 

Protesters in Khartoum carried signs that read “The Blue Nile is Bleeding,” “Stop Civil War,” and “Cancel the Juba Peace Agreement,” as they marched towards the presidential palace. 

Meanwhile, in the city of Wad Madani, about 200 kilometers south of Khartoum, protest organizer Ammar Mohamed said that protests were diverted to the local hospital to “donate blood to our brothers wounded in tribal clashes in the Blue Nile.”  

Despite some rebel groups signing a nationwide peace deal in Juba in 2020, authorities still reported sporadic outbreaks of violence in several parts of Sudan, including eastern coastal regions and western Darfur. 

The United Nations estimated that half the population of Sudan would be in extreme hunger by September. 

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