Russia Propaganda Bizarrely Claims Ukraine Deployed Mutant Soldiers Made in Bio Labs

Russian officials have made outlandish propaganda claims that Ukraine is using “mutant” soldiers made in biological laboratories in Ukraine funded by the United States government.

“Experiments were made on them and experiments were carried out on the territory of Ukraine on extremely dangerous diseases, which under certain circumstances could be distributed for military purposes,” claimed vice-speaker of the Federation Council and the State Duma Konstantin Kosachev.

Kosachev explained that traces of drugs, hepatitis A, and West Nile virus were found in the blood of Ukrainian servicemen and accused pharmaceutical companies of conducting tests. 

Vice speaker Irina Yarovaya  also claimed that banknotes infected with the tuberculosis virus were found in the Lugansk People’s Republic ans that gangrene gas was being researched in one of the veterinary laboratories in Mariupol.

“And we see that the cruelty and atrocities with which the military personnel of Ukraine behave, the crimes that they commit against the civilian population, those monstrous crimes that they commit against prisoners of war, confirm that all this is a single system of control and creation of the most cruel killing machines, was sold under the control of the United States,”said Irina Yarovaya.

Russian geneticist, Kirill Volkov however, said that the diseases listed by Kosachev are normal for the region and that the Duma vice-speakers are exaggerating. 

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