Kidnapped Catholic Priest Murdered by Abductors in Nigeria

The “decomposing” body of Rev Father John Mark Cheitnum, a Catholic priest who was abducted by gunmen in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna was discovered Tuesday 19 July 2022.

Father Cheitnum was one of two priests who were kidnapped on on Friday, 15 July 2022.  The other priest was freed after an unspecified ransom was paid to the kidnappers following negotiations.

Authorities said the priest was shot and killed  the day he was kidnapped.

The two Catholic priests were kidnapped at gunpoint from the curch rectory in the village of Yadin Garu in Kaduna

In the past three months a dozen Christian clerics – most of them Roman Catholics – have been kidnapped by gangs of gunmen across Nigeria.

Hostages are usually released after ransom has been paid, but at least three. were killed by their kidnappers.

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