Justice Department Seizes $500,000 from North Korean Hackers that Targeted US Medical Groups

The US Justice Department had seized roughly half a million dollars that North Korean government-backed hackers had either extorted from US healthcare organizations or used to launder ransom payments.

Lisa Monaco, deputy attorney general, said this is part of an aggressive US strategy to recover funds for victims of ransomware attacks.

Monaco stated in a speech at Fordham University in New York that North Korean hackers attacked a medical facility in Kansas last year, encrypting computer systems the facility relied on to operate crucial equipment, as well as another healthcare provider in Colorado.

According to Monaco, US authorities have begun the process of paying the extorted money back to the victims.

US authorities said in a public statement this month that the ransomware assaults from North Korea, whose hackers often either funnel money to the regime or enrich themselves, affected health services at the organizations in some cases for “prolonged durations.”

Monaco, though, praised the unnamed Kansas corporation for informing the FBI of the event and urged additional US businesses to follow suit in order to assist the agency in upending a ransomware ecosystem that depends on victims remaining silent.

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