Iranian Woman Arrested Following Confrontation on a Bus

A young Iranian woman has been arrested after she resisted compulsory wearing of Hijab (head scarves) in a bus in Iran’s capital city Tehran.

The victim was identified as twenty-eight year-old artist and editor, Sepideh Rashno, who was arrested immediately after a video of her quarrel with a woman enforcing Hijab rules, went viral.

The clip shows the angry woman, fully covered with “black headscarf”, filming and threatening Rashno to send the video to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps. 

The quarrel became so frantic that other women inside the bus intervened and forced the Hijab enforcer out of the bus.

Arash Sadceghi, a civil activist in a tweet posted on July 18 said that Rashno was arrested on July 16 when the incident happened.

“Rashnoo is still behind bars and the attacker walks free. That’s what justice means in Iran,” Sadceghi added.

An Iranian journalist and activist Mashi Alinejad posted a video clip in her twitter saying that “an undercover agent filmed this Iranian woman for the Revolutionary Guards in order to arrest her for not wearing hijab, women got united and kicked the harasser out.”

“Now it’s our time to get united and help Iranian women who want to be free to choose what they want to wear,” Alinejad added.

Authorities in Iran have recently intensified crackdown on women and continue arresting those who violate Hijab rules, which is mandatory in Public in Iran.

The notorious Guidance Patrols or morality police have become increasingly active and violent and don’t hesitate in arresting women, and forcing them into vans.

“A mother tries to stop a morality police van to rescue her daughter who was arrested because of not following compulsory hijab laws. She’s screaming (my daughter is ill. Don’t arrest her). This is today in Iran,” Alinejad tweeted without providing more details on the matter.

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