GenEmbryomics Launches Complete IVF Genetic Test

The world’s first commercial whole genome sequencing test has been made available by GenEmbryomics, a prominent provider of medical genetics, to properly screen IVF embryos for all hereditary illnesses. 

For now, the test is only available for use in research.

The GenomeScreen test from GenEmbryomics uses effect prediction algorithms and genetic disease variation databases to analyze thousands of times more data than traditional tests to identify the “known universe” of diseases and their causes. 

Participation of licensed clinicians was how this was accomplished. 

The genetic parents of the embryos were screened, and they were provided vital information that they otherwise would not have known before implantation. 

Nick Murphy, PhD., CEO and GenEmbryomics Founder, said their research and testing were based on their goal of informing both physicians and parents so they can make informed life-altering decisions. 

“While other companies offer partial testing, that wasn’t good enough for GenEmbryomics. We’re here to make a real-world difference to hopeful parents and prevent the unnecessary tragedies of genetic diseases. Our team is committed to offering the highest value testing available globally,” Murphy added. 

GenEmbryomics testing has a greater capacity to identify every genetic anomaly that might have caused a serious genetic problem than conventional preimplantation genetic tests. 

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