Dissident Russian Channel ‘TV Rain’ Launches Operations in Exile After Russia Shutdown

Independent Russian television network Dozhd (TV Rain) has officially launched its operations abroad after being shutdown in Russia at the beginning of March.

TV Rain announced on Monday that it had been granted a European Union broadcasting license and will be operating from studios in Georgia as well as those in Latvia, France, and the Netherlands.

“Now, we resume our work from outside the country. We opened a new company in Latvia and received a European broadcasting license. At the first stage, our studios will be located in Riga, Amsterdam, Tbilisi and Paris. In Latvia we cooperate with TV3, in Georgia — with Formula TV,” said TV Rain.

TV Rain’s operations shutdown in Russia in March 1 when the Russian government accused the network of spreading “deliberately false information about the actions of Russian military personnel” in Ukraine.

Previously, TV Rain was designated as a “foreign agent” in 2021 and kicked from of the Kremlin press pool. The network was required to include a disclaimer to all of its output, which is now only available online, and was subject to a number of administrative requirements as a result of the classification.

Additionally, TV Rain will broadcast on YouTube, which is uncensored in Russia and is most likely the only way that the majority of Russians will be able to view it.

“Today, more than ever, the citizens of Russia must have access to independent, truthful information. Therefore, it is especially important for us to return to the air,” expressed TV Rain.

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