Chinese Authorities Apologize over COVID-19 Break-ins

Southern China authorities apologized on Monday for breaking into the homes of people quarantined on suspicion of having COVID-19.

The Liwan district government in Guangzhou apologized for unlocking 84 houses of residents who were under hotel quarantine, saying they proceeded with the move to screen hidden close contacts but admitted the action was violent and disrespectful of residents’ feelings.

Southern China community workers unlocked 84 houses in the residents’ buildings on July 10, checked inside the house, and sealed their doors, which was caught on video.

The Liwan district government said there were residents in the district who tested positive for COVID-19 on July 8, after which residents from the same building were transferred to a quarantine center.

Some of the residents’ close contacts were later found hiding in their houses, with some of the testing positive for the virus.

The Liwan district government said they had installed new locks for the residents’ homes and agreed to compensate them.

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