UN Condemns Violence and Deaths in Haiti

The United Nations Human Rights Office (UNHRO) expressed its concern over the rampant violence and spiking number of deaths in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince.

According to the Spokesman for the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees Jeremy Laurence, the UN has recorded 934 homicides, 684 injuries, and 680 kidnappings across the Haitian capital from January of this year until the end of June.

“We are deeply concerned by the worsening of violence in Port-au-Prince and the rise in human rights abuses committed by heavily armed gangs against the local population,” said Laurence.

Laurence confirmed that from July 8 to July 12, at least 234 more people died or were hurt as a result of gang-related violence in the capital city’s Cité Soleil neighborhood, and that most of the victims were not “directly involved” with the gangs responsible for the violence.

Hours before Laurence issued his statement, the UN Security Council unanimously voted to extend the mandate of a UN office in Haiti and urged all nations to halt the transfer of small arms, light weapons, and ammunition to anyone who supports gang violence and criminal activity in the country.

“We call on those responsible and supporting this armed violence to immediately desist, and to respect the lives and livelihoods of all Haitians, most of whom live in extreme poverty,” expressed Laurence.

A year after President Jovenel Mose’s unsolved murder, gang violence has grown worse, conducting organized attacks that have led to Haitians attempting to leave their nation.

Since 1990, the UN has intermittently intervened in Haiti, with the most recent UN peacekeeping mission lasting from 2004 to October 2017.

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