Russian Journalist Who Made TV Protest Detained

Russian police detained and later released a Russian journalist who protested on live television against the war in Ukraine.

The police arrested Marina Ovsyannikova, 44, on Sunday after the journalist protested alone near the Kremlin, carrying a placard that criticized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ovsyannikova’s entourage confirmed her detention but said her location was unknown.

The police released Ovsyannikova three hours after her arrest. Ovsyannikova said she was accused of discrediting the army by saying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a “frenzied attempt [of President Putin] to keep power in his hands.”

Reports said Ovsyannikova was charged with an administrative case, facing a 50,000 rubles ($900) fine.

Ovsyannikova interrupted a live broadcast in March, holding up a placard that showed a “No War” statement.

Ovsyannikova worked as a producer on Russian TV Channel One. 

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