Macau Starts 11th Mass COVID Testing as Cases Continue to Rise

Macau has begun its 11th round of mass testing today as the Health Bureau’s Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Division announced the exemption of some groups.

Residents and non-residents who were born on or before December 31, 1942, people with disabilities who possess a valid Disability Assessment Registration Card from the Social Welfare Bureau, and those who rely on others for daily assistance will be excused from citywide testing after ten rounds.

As long as they fulfill the requirements and submit an exemption request, these groups won’t be required to participate in the mandatory NATs as of today, the city’s 11th round of mass testing, according to Leong Iek Hou, head of the Health Bureau’s Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Division.

Families or caregivers must submit an online application for these exemptions on this page.

If an applicant has a snapshot of the exemption receipt and the person’s health code, they can collect the masks and quick antigen tests given out at mass NATs on their behalf.

Leong continued that they aim to obtain zero cases this week so they can enter the time of consolidation.

Leong also hinted that the 10+7 quarantine period currently in place for Macau arrivals would soon be changed.

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