Delhi Police Arrest American Woman for Faking Her Own Kidnapping

Police in Delhi, India arrested a 27-year-old American woman for allegedly staging her own abduction and kidnapping to extort money from her parents.

The woman  entered India on May 3 2022 and telephoned her mother on July 7, claiming that she she was being assaulted by a man.

Police in Delhi opened an investigation into the woman’s  whereabouts after the US Embassy forwarded a complaint from her family.

They traced the IP addresses from which the woman had sent an email to American Citizen services and made a video call to her mother, the Indian Express newspaper reported.

Authorities traced the IP addresses the woman’s used to a 31-year-old Nigerian man, who confessed, during interrogation, that the woman was staying with him at an apartment in Noida, on the outskirts of Delhi.

Police said the woman. had met the man through Facebook and had been staying with him since she arrived in India.

They also found that the woman’s visa and man’s passport had expired.

The police said they would take action against the two for staying in India without valid visa or documents.

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