Top Ukrainian Official Claims Russia Increasing Targeted Strikes on Civilians

A top Ukrainian official has accused Russia of purposefully escalating its lethal attacks on civilian targets.

Oleksiy Danilov, the secretary of Ukraine’s national security council, in a statement published in the Guardian, revealed that there’s an increase in emphasis on terrorizing Ukraine’s civilian population.

This week’s attack on the packed city center of Vinnytsia killed 23 people including three children.

Danilov said Russia “has decided to terrorize the civilian population.

“That’s not my emotions but what our monitoring is telling us,” Danilov added.

With a string of devastating attacks over the past month, it appears that missile strikes against individuals and civilian infrastructure have grown to be a distinct approach.

At the end of June, an attack on a retail center in the small Dnieper River settlement of Kremenchuk left 59 people injured and 18 dead.

On July 1, a building attack in Serhiivka, 50 kilometers south of Odesa, killed 21 people and injured 35 others.

Danilov claimed that some attacks, such as one that happened when UN secretary general António Guterres was in Kyiv, seemed to be intended to send a message of defiance.

As European ministers met in The Hague on Thursday to debate ways to make Russia accountable for the horrors committed during its invasion of Ukraine, an incident occurred in Vinnytsia.

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