Meta Releases First Human Rights Report

Facebook and Instagram owner Meta released its first-ever human rights report which includes an assessment of the human rights situation in India, Myanmar, and Ethiopia.

The report, which was completed in 2020 and 2021 by a legal team from law giant Foley Hoag, contains a summary of the numerous ways Meta implemented policies that fought rising anti-Muslim sentiments in India. 

The 83-page report also discusses Meta’s efforts to remove child exploitation on its platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

“Meta recognizes its potential to impact human rights and has taken steps to demonstrate our commitment to human rights principles,” read part of the report’s introduction.

According to the report, Meta substantially expanded its manpower and language support for content moderation linked to India in 2020. The report disclosed that as of the time of its release, Meta has reviewers who spoke 21 different Indian dialects.

Meta also took action in Myanmar by deleting pages, groups, and accounts that were affiliated with the Tatmadaw and military-controlled state media organizations from Facebook and Instagram.

The Ethiopian part of the report revealed that Meta launched a media literacy campaign in an effort to teach and educate Ethiopians on how to spot potentially fake news.

However, critics have voiced their disappointment with the report, with the Real Facebook Oversight Board (RFOB) accusing Meta of “whitewashing” the India assessment.

“Meta instead issues an inadequate “summary,” whitewashing the religious violence fomented in India across their platforms,” wrote the RFOB.

In its statement, Meta said it is “focused on building in ways that are inclusive and empowering for everyone.

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