Global Monkeypox Outbreak Grows to Nearly 12,000 Infections

Monkeypox infections worldwide have reached 11,997 Friday, with Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States having the most cases.

Spain topped the list with 2,447 confirmed cases, followed by Germany with 1,859.

The US Center for Disease and Control (CDC) recorded 1,470 monkeypox infections in the US Thursday, affecting 41 states and Puerto Rico. New York, having the most confirmed cases, reported 414 infections, while California reported 180.

The UK has recorded 1,856 confirmed cases, with 1,778 in England.

Canada’s monkeypox cases increased by 59 percent in nine days, recording 477 infections since July 4. Canadian province, Saskatchewan, reported its first monkeypox case on Wednesday.

The World Health Organization (WHO) alerted South East Asia on Friday as India confirmed its first monkeypox infection.

In June, Taiwan and South Korea recorded their first monkeypox cases. Taiwan confirmed its second infection on Tuesday.

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