Week of Gang Battles Kill 89 People in Haiti

At least 89 people were killed in Port-au-Prince in Haiti through a week of gang violence amid soaring prices and fuel shortages.

The National Network for the Defense of Human Rights said that at least 89 people were murdered and 16 others are missing, and a preliminary assessment of the gang violence incident also reported 74 wounded people from gunshots.

The gang violence in Port-au-Prince started on July 7 between two rival factions in Cite Soleil, a disadvantaged and densely populated neighborhood of Port-au-Prince.

Haitian families who live in Cite Soleil have no choice but to seek refuge in their homes, unable to get water, food, or other essential supplies.

Mumuza Muhindo, head of mission of Doctors without Borders, urged belligerents to spare civilians on Wednesday.

“We call on all the belligerents to allow the passage of relief to Brooklyn (the name of the district of Cité Soleil where the violence is concentrated) and to spare the civilians,” Muhindo said.

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