UK Metropolitan Police Launches Investigation into Claims that Sir Mo Farah was Trafficked

The Metropolitan Police in the United Kingdom has launched an investigation into claims that a couple trafficked Sir Mo Farah and forced him to work as a domestic servant.

“Specialist officers have opened an investigation and are currently assessing the available information,” a Metropolitan Police spokesperson said in a statement on July 13.

Farah revealed in a BBC documentary, titled “The Real Mo Farah,” that a woman he had never met brought him to the UK under the name of a different child when he was just nine years old.

Farah disclosed that his real name was Hussein Abdi Kahin and the woman who brought him to the UK had fake travel documents that showed his photo next to the name, Mohamed Farah.

Farah had previously said that he came to the UK with his parents from Somalia as a refugee.

Farah claimed that the couple he had been living with when he came to the UK forced him to cook, clean, and take care of younger children.

“I’ve been keeping it for so long, it’s been difficult because you don’t want to face it and often my kids ask questions, ‘Dad, how come this?’ And you’ve always got an answer for everything, but you haven’t got an answer for that,” Farah said in the documentary.

Farah was able to apply for British citizenship with the help of his PE teacher Alan Watkinson.

The Home Office confirmed that they will not take any action against Farah, despite gaining British citizenship under a false identity, because children cannot be deemed complicit in such deceptions.

“No action whatsoever will be taken against Sir Mo and to suggest otherwise is wrong,” a Home Office spokesperson said, as reported by The Guardian.

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