UK Issues Amber Warning as Heatwave to Reach High as 36C Next Week

The ongoing heatwave in the United Kingdom is projected to reach temperatures as high as 36 degrees Celcius next week.

According to UK’s meteorological agency Met Office, the issued amber alert will be in effect from Saturday through Tuesday, when temperatures are predicted to reach their highest point of 36 degrees Celcius.

The majority of England, as well as portions of Wales, Darlington, parts of Cornwall, and the north, are included in next week’s amber warning.

Meanwhile, London is forecasted to swelter at a temperature of 30 degrees Celcius or slightly higher.

The South and East of England, the Midlands, and London have all received Level 3 heat-health alerts from the UK Health Security Agency which are in effect until Friday morning.

Met Office’s Chief Officer Paul Davies wrote on the British news outlet iNews, “For now, the heat is expected to subside from Tuesday with the potential for a thundery breakdown. Although there is limited certainty about the details of the storms, there is potential for thunderstorm warnings to be issued when appropriate confidence in the forecast allows.”

The Met Office warned that there might be “widespread impacts on people and infrastructure,” including the potential for road closures and train and airline flight cancellations or delays.

The Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust recommended parents to keep their kids out of the sun and to make sure they drink water “little and often” to stay hydrated.

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