IS Militants Kill Displaced Syrian Woman Days After Beheading Her Husband

Militants loyal to the Islamic State (IS), known as Daesh terrorist group opened fire and killed a Syrian woman in Al-Hawl camp in the southeastern countryside of Al-Hasakah.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that IS armed men in broad daylight shot in the head of the woman in the fourth section squares of the camp.  

“IS had threatened to kill anyone who cooperated with Syrian Defense Force (SDF) and the lady was killed for helping the camp administration in maintaining internal security and for being against IS ideologies,” SOHR said.

SOHR did not mention the name of the victim, but said she was from the southern countryside of Aleppo and the wife of a man from Deir Ezzor, who was killed after his head was separated from his body by IS fighters on the first day of Eid Al-Adha.

IS militants have intensified targeting individuals in Al-Hawl camp, which houses families of IS members, including children.     

On July 10, a displaced Syrian man from Deir Ezzor province was found dead in Al-Hawl camp, and at least 26 people were murdered in the camp since the start of this year.

The casualties included six Iraqi refugees, including two women, 11 Syrian people, including seven women, seven unidentified women, an unidentified man, and a medic was killed in the post where he worked in the camp.

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