Influential Salafist Scholar Gunned Down in Afghan Capital Kabul

A prominent religious figure and the leader of “Salafi Muslim community” scholars, Sardar Wali Saqib was assassinated in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul.

Kabul Police Spokesman Khalid Zadran said that Saqib was killed by unknown gunmen inside his home on Wednesday night.

Investigation has been launched into the incident.

Saqib was head of a religious seminary in the Naranjebagh area of Jalalabad district, in the heart of Nangarhar province. Dozens of students were pursuing religious education in the seminary.

There has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the Wednesday attack, but the Taliban, a group who is now ruling Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops, was accused of assaulting an murdering of Salafi scholars across the country.

Salafism is one of the religious movements in Afghanistan, and its followers have reportedly been targeted in eastern provinces.

In early June, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the situation for religious freedom in Afghanistan has deteriorated dramatically since the Taliban assumed control of the country.

Submitting its annual report on international religious freedom to the US Congress, the Blinken said that religious freedom has been violated in China, Russia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and other countries.

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