Yemen Calls For International Pressure on Houthi Group To Fulfill Truce Commitment

Yemen’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Abdullah al-Saadi on Wednesday said that Yemeni people are bearing the brunt of deadly war due to Houthi rebels’ ongoing war and escalation of violence.

“There is a need for international pressure on Houthi militias to compel them to shun violence and fulfill their commitments to the ongoing ceasefire,” Saadi told the UN Security Council.

The Presidential Leadership Council and the Yemeni government support regional and international efforts to help end the conflict and alleviate the suffering of the war-hit Yemenis.

“We have worked very hard and reacted favorably to all humanitarian actions despite Houth’s daily violations of truce across the country.” Saadi added.  

Houthi’s violated truce in different governorates, including establishing new military sites, smuggling weapons, bombing residential neighborhoods in Taiz, Marib, Hodeidah.

Saadi also accused Houthi’s of recruiting children aimed at brainwashing them with extremist ideas that could lead into a new escalation of violence.

“All provisions of the truce must be implemented,” Saaid said, calling for an immediate lift on the siege of Taiz road.

“Humanitarian organizations in areas under Houthi control are facing huge difficulties, and the Houthi rebels prevent Yemenis from receiving aid,” Saadi added.

Saadi urged the international community to impose immense pressure on Houthis in order to force them respond favorably to peace efforts, respect the truce, release detainees and cease recruitment of child soldiers.

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