Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and United Nations Discuss Safe Shipment of Ukraine Grain

Military delegations from Ukraine, Russia and Turkey and UN representatives met on Wednesday in Istanbul and discussed a possible deal to resume safe exports of Ukraine grain from Black Sea port.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense in a tweet post said that the four-way meeting lasted for one and a half hours, and the delegations tackled the safe shipments of blocked Ukrainian grain that were held at Ukrainian ports amid the ongoing war with Russia.

The ministry did not provide further details on the circumstances of meeting and agreement.

Ukraine is one of the world’s largest exports of wheat, crone and sunflower oil, but the process has been disrupted due to Russia’s invasion.

Nearly 4,900 civilians have been killed, tens of thousands of people wounded, and over 15 million people have been displaced in Ukraine since the beginning of invasion on February 24.

From the outset, Turkey expressed readiness to host talks between Presidents of Russia and Ukraine in a bid to help end the war. Ankara also played a key in arranging meetings between UN, Russia and Ukraine on a potential Black Sea corridor to export grain from Ukraine.

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