Russia Fines Apple and Zoom Over Local Data Storage

A magistrate court in Moscow fined Apple 2 million rubles and Zoom 1 million rubles for their failure to store the personal data of Russians in the country.

Taganka District’s magistrate court ruled that the two American tech companies violated the Russian Code of Administrative Violations, saying they failed to meet the code’s requirement to record, systemize, accumulate, and store Russian citizens’ personal data using databases in Russian territory.

Apple Inc. argued it was not responsible for processing personal data, but Apple Distribution International Ltd.

“A lot of legal entities have been established within the Apple structure. It is not Apple Inc that processes personal data, but Apple Distribution International Ltd., this is indicated in all explanations for users of Apple products,” a representative of Apple said.

Sources said Zoom Video Communications, Inc. did not attend the hearing.

The Russian law on personal data requires Russian and foreign companies to collect and store the personal data of Russian citizens living in the country. The law authorizes a federal executive body to inspect information systems for the processing of personal data.

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