Israel Agrees To Sell UAVs and Anti-Drone Systems to Bahrain

Israel has reportedly agreed to sell unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and anti-drone systems to Bahrain as part of strengthening defense cooperation between the two countries.

“Israel has agreed to sell defense equipments, including anti-drone systems to Bahrain,” a top Bahrain official told the WSJ.

Speaking on condition anonymity, the official told the newspaper that Massad and Shin Bet have been working with Manama in recent months to train its intelligence officers beside defense cooperation.

Israel and Bahrain normalized ties in 2020 under US-brokered Abraham Accords, following the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Jewish state and Morocco in the same year.

US President Joe Biden’s administration has apparently been continuously working to expand cooperation between Israel and Arabia nations, in particular Saudi Arabia.

The Journal had previously also reported that the US organized a defense summit in Egypt in which beside Israeli and aligned Arab nations, officials from Sauid Arabia also attended aimed at establishing an alliance to counter threats from Iran.

President Biden is due to visit Israel today (Wednesday) and then fly to Saudi Arabia.

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