Iran President Claims Tehran Never Abandoned Nuclear Deal

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi on Wednesday said Tehran will never abandon nuclear talks, but stressed that Iran would not “retreat” from its legal demands in talks.

 “The US always calls on Iran to return to the nuclear deal, in fact Iran has never withdrawn from the JCPOA,” Raisi told his cabinet members.

Raisi said that Iranian delegation always acted rationally in the negotiations with P5+1 and presented its reasonable demands.   

“I am calling on the US not to speak with us with the language of coercion, and stop imposing pressures on Iran as it would not work in any way,” Raisi added.

Raisi also spoke about US officials’ visit to the region, and warned that US efforts to strengthen Israel’s position and normalize its ties with certain countries would fail.

“We are keeping an open eye on the region, and we delivered our message to those who convey US messages to Iran that a little action against Iran’s territorial integrity would earn a decisive response,” Raisi added.

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