Game Hardware Company Razer Seeks $7.12M from IT Vendor for Customer Data Leak

Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer has sued French IT Vendor Capgemini for $7 million after a data breach.

Razer claimed that it lost $7 m after Capgemini was breached from June to September 2020.

Razer co-founder Tan Min-Liang clarified that no sensitive data such as credit card numbers or passwords were exposed but order details, customer and shipping information may have been included in the leak.

After the breach, around 100,000 Razer customer data may have been compromised but there is no concise information yet.

Razer alleged that one of Capgemini’s employees, Argel Cabalag was responsible for the security breach when he tampered with the security settings of a computer server.

Capgemini defended that Cabalag did not cause the misconfiguration and blamed Razer’s new IP addresses.

Capgemini also accused Razer of failing to mitigate its losses by not taking proper steps after it was informed of the security breach.

“Razer understands that Capgemini wants to dig in and ditch Razer at this altar of liability due to reputational issues. However, Capgemini was engaged for the job and was paid in full for it. Capgemini should therefore do the right thing by its customer – stand up and take responsibility,” said Razer.

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